History Lessons

If you wonder where traditions and thought-processes in modern christianity came from and how they got so far from what the Scriptures REALLY say, here are two books which are extremely enlightening. The author of these books, Alan Knight, has passed away. However, these two books are so very good, we will keep this on the website for a time. You may have to search a little deeper to locate a copy of each for your own. We will not go into detail as to all the items within most folks’ belief structure that originated many, many years before the Messiah was ever born, but will leave it to the individual reader to “search and prove all things.”

We must emphasize, however, that you should finish reading the entire Bible before getting too deep into any one topic. Below is a brief synopsis from the back of each book to provide an idea of what the author delves into. These are written as they appear and this website does not endorse everything that is mentioned therein—the truths are always found IN the Scriptures. However, you need to go OUTSIDE of Scripture if you want to determine origins for why folks do/think the things they do! We should also make mention that we have obtained the permission of the author and the selling source to make this information available herein.

primitive“Primitive Christianity in Crisis" historically documents the collision of religions that produced the chaotic world of Christianity of the first century A.D., a Christian religious world essentially the same as what we see about us today. In the ground-breaking research that underlies this book, author/historian Alan Knight solves a number of New Testament riddles, including the historical identity of the apostasy that destroyed the Thyatira church, described as ‘the deep things of Satan’ in Revelation 2. There also is much new historical data from the original Gnostic Christian texts demonstrating the range of Gnostic and Nicolaitan teachings, and their surprising similarity to modern Christian belief. Most surprising of all, the emergence of modern Christianity in the early centuries A.D. is traced back to a great religious reformation that occurred more than six centuries before Christ was born. This reformation produced a new spiritual religion of the inner man in Greece, which directly competed with New Testament Christianity in the first century and ultimately absorbed it. It is available at Amazon.com and other online book outlets.

antimessiah “Spirit of Antichrist” – In Revelation chapter 17, the Apostle John presents a view of religious apostasy in his day that he connects with ancient Babylon. Scholars debate whether this should be understood as symbolic or literal. From the groundbreaking research that underlies this book, author and historian Alan Knight presents evidence that, in addition to the symbolism, much of it was surprisingly literal. John’s description of harlot ‘with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication,’ is a reference to an exotic, yet literal, religious ritual performed in the ancient Near East. This also is available at Amazon.com and other online book outlets.