Study Aids and Links

No matter if you are a beginner or advanced Bible student, no doubt there are numerous occasions we benefit from study aids outside of the actual Scriptures. In reality, many times it benefits our understanding to try and get a grasp on the times certain books were written in--what was the lifestyle, the language? Many things we may not know until Messiah returns, but we do well to study ourselves worthy for that day. 

A good concordance and dictionary are both vital tools. We have found several versions of Scripture are also beneficial. Or, if you are computer literate, there are programs that contain both of these plus many more tools and we will list some of them below.

We hesitate to link to other websites for Scriptural guidance because we have learned (like many have before us) that there is no "perfect" Assembly and will not be until Messiah returns. Some "sacred name" assemblies have excellent literature on pagan holy days and the set-apart Names of our Father and His Son. However, many times their doctrine revolves around a two-in-one diety or at a minimum two "Only True Elohims" which by it's mere definite simply cannot be. As was mentioned before, anytime you reduce our Heavenly Father, you are violating the third commandment. Therefore, since salvation can be obtained by adhering to the Scriptures alone (which would negate even having to learn about the pagan christmas, ishtar, valentine's day, etc.), we have opted NOT to link to any of the "organized" assembly websites. You can easily do a search if you desire to learn the origins of the days honored by most in the world today which is worthwhile to "defend" to others why you don't observe them if, "It isn't in the Bible" is not enough.

With that being said, there are a few websites we will link to which have been developed by individuals to get Yahweh's words out to all who seek it, provide good study materials for day-to-day living, or who publish new moon information. Even with these, however, note that they also are not correct in all they teach--you must "search the scriptures and prove all things" for yourself.

Some very worthwhile study aids will be listed below with a brief description and a link to obtain them.


E-sword: This is, in our opinion, is the absolute best computer software program out there for scriptural research. The base program, along with many resources, is free. There are some worthwhile additions that do have a fee, albeit nowhere near what the cost of a hard copy is such as The Word Study Dictionary, the New American Standard Bible series, and some others you may find beneficial. There are also Bibles available for inclusion that use the Sacred Names such as the Word of Yahweh Bible and The Scriptures. It is a user-friendly resource where you have a "download" tab that you can click on and it will show you what is available, what you have, what has a fee, and so forth. There are also tremendous graphics available, again many at no charge.

There is a very good Bible Study Guide for folks new to scripture studies. It is in e-Sword format but you must have Version 9 or above (we would suggest you upgrade to the latest version regardless). You can click here to be able to download the study guide once you have installed e-Sword and it will appear under Tools, Reference Library, then in the dropdown menu once installed into your e-Sword application. If you have any questions, please drop us a line and we will assist you.

Sunrise and Sunset times for any US city. You can make and print calenders depicting the times of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, and new moons, along with information on the Moon's phases, by specifying the date and location on the form (that is on the website) and clicking on the "make calendar" button at the bottom of the form. When the calendar appears, go to the bottom and click on "print version," to print it out. This is very beneficial in determining the beginning of Sabbaths for a specific location, especially when it is so cloudy you cannot see the sun.

Health. Our Heavenly Father has a LOT to say about health and, actually, causes of many of our ailments. Between our lifestyles and the "fuel" (food) we use, no wonder there is so much disease in our world! Although this website is not anticipated to get into health matters, it would benefit most to listen to or read the contents of this presentation. It is extremely lengthy. It is best to view a small amount at a time to give your mind time to digest what the presenter is saying.

We may include other study aids as time goes on. If there is a particular study aid that you have found beneficial, feel free to email us and we will consider adding it to our site. May our Father guide all as we continue to seek Him!