7 Effects on How We
Understand Scripture

The following are effects (or mindsets) on how we understand scripture. They are actually "stumbling blocks" which will get in your way. A thank-you to EliYah.com for providing permission to put this list here to, Yahuweh willing, help the reader in his/her search for truth through His words!

  1. Personal bias. Wanting to find reasons to explain away the need to do what it says because the person doesn't want to do what it says (i.e., Self-worship).
  2. Relying on Pastors, who have relied on Seminary teachers, who have relied on "Church/Assembly Fathers," who also had personal biases (i.e., Leader-worship).
  3. Tradition. The preference for tradition and traditional views, assuming the mainstream must be correct (i.e., Cultural-worship).
  4. Others. Fear of what others may say about you if you were to do what Scripture actually says. Comparing oneself to others rather than to the Messiah, (i.e., Peer-worship).
  5. Laziness. Not wanting to invest time and energy into actually doing an in-depth study to discover the true meaning, (i.e., Leisure-worship).
  6. Love. Lacking a true love of our Father in Heaven, and being content to just "play religion." Thus, the actual meaning of scripture isn't all that important and one is content to stick with the basics and not really grow (i.e., Religion-worship).
  7. Relatives. One's parents, grandparents and all their great-grandparents to "X" number of generations were part of this church. Thus, they are not going to change their views, "If it was good enough for them, it's good enough for me," (i.e., Ancestor-worship).

May our Heavenly Father help you in your continued search and application of the truth in Scriptures!